OpenDNS is offering a sandbox for people to test IPv6. The service is a fully compliant DNS resolver that's open to anyone, anywhere.

It is intended to help those tasked with migrating from IPv4 to 1Pv6. It allows people to experiment by having their networks talk to IPv6-ready DNS servers.

OpenDNS says it will be the first IPv6-ready public DNS servers in the world. It's offering this service in what they call a show of goodwill to the Internet. If you are unfamiliar with OpenDNS, the New York Times David Pogue recently wrote an excellent primer about the company and the importance of DNS. The company is is known for its security capabilities and infrastructure strengths.

We'll accept that. OpenDNS has been running like a buzz machine as the world prepares to switch to IPv6. The service bnow The sandbox is the latest news for the company that should see no slowdown in attention, especially as the date nears for World IPv6 day. That's the day when the large tech companies have pledged to trial IPv6.

But as OpenDNS states, every company -- big and small -- will eventually be tasked with migrating its network from IPv4. And thus comes the need for an IPv6 sandbox.

Test IPv6 is also a site where you can test to see if you are IPv6 ready.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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